New Vaporweave 2 Available Now!

New features! The New Vaporweave 2 will bring new features to the range including New aluminum base style, upgraded armrests, lumbar support dial and enhanced fabric.

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New BattleBull Diamond

Hot new BattleBull Diamond design.
Matching Mouse mats and Zoned Floor mats - Now Available!

Two different modes, Dark and Light.

BattleBull Diamond

BattleBull Bunker Bean Bags

The ultimate gaming Bunker.
The handle with matching colour accents provides easy portability. Large pockets on each side provide easy access to your supplies such as controllers or snacks. Inside has dual interior bean* chambers for superior seat shape. The BattleBull Bunker not only looks awesome, it's highly durable.

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BattleBull launched in 2015, providing industry leading Gaming Chairs to eSports professionals and anybody who is passionate about comfort during their PC experience. Selling out after our first trade show, we quickly learnt there was demand for what we stood for. 
We then developed a range of complimentary products for
the ultimate setup.


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